What the heck is a Kohlrabi?

A few years ago I was on a big gardening kick and came across kohlrabi. It’s some sort of cabbage / mustard relative that’s normally harvested when it’s young. I decided to let them keep growing (I had no idea what to do with them), and they ended up with some looking like really weird aliens.

Kohlrabi. I think you normally harvest it a bit before this.
same date as above (timestamp says 8/9/2014)
Some of the kohlrabi above left in the ground for waaaay too long. (11/25/2014, almost 4 months after the above)
a grotesque monstrosity (11/25/2014)

I never actually tried eating them but I’ve seen them occasionally at Winco – when I do, they are usually about the size of a small apple – ones like these are too woody to be edible, I think. I’ll have to find a recipe and pick some up next time. They are definitely going in my next garden, if only as a weird decoration.

an overgrown kohlrabi with all the leaves taken off (2013)
early winter overgrown kohlrabi

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