About me

Hello, my name is Jason and this is a little blog for occasional projects and hobbies. I’m interested in music, gardening, general tech stuff (especially if it’s somehow art / music related), programming / scripting / automation, IT and system administration.

Professionally, These are things that interest me and that I have experience in:

Python – I like building small tools to help my workflow, Python excels at this. I would consider my specialities to be writing useful bots and web scrapers, sorting out undocumented APIs and automating things that don’t want to be easily automated. Other languages I have experience with are Powershell, C#, JS / HTML / CS, and many niche languages for games and art software.

Pretty much everything to do with web hosting and keeping commercial websites up – DNS, SSL, Domain Management, hosting on both Windows and Linux servers (IIS & Nginx)

Email Servers – Troubleshooting things like routing and blacklisting, server management and administration.

Electrical Engineering – I’m very confident with DC electronics and building synth parts and guitar pedals, I’m able to design my own LED and sound circuits without using microcontrollers, and do minor repairs to things I own.