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I’ve been meaning to format my VPS and switch to Linux / Debian + Docker for a while, and finally did after I noticed my old music recommendation site ( occasionally having issues. I tried debugging a bit, but couldn’t find anything in the script causing, and restarting the server fixed it for a bit, so I formatted and reinstalled. I turned my python/flask site into a docker image, then set up Nginx Proxy Manager and used that to secure it with Let’s Encrypt and route it to the proper ports. That completely fixed it.

I’ve been wanting to redo the site anyway, so I made a new one based around other people’s music lists: – I picked a a bunch of lists from that seem interesting me – experimental / underground / etc stuff like from The Wire, misc punk era stuff – John Peel, NME, Sounds – or just things that randomly interest me

So far I’ve found some music I like from it:

I’d like to find more NDW / German punk and new wave to add to it, there’s a lot of really interesting and unique stuff from that time period – Der Plan, Pyrolator, Malaria!, etc. seems to have a load of German/Swiss/Austrian bands and songs to search for, it might be worth building a script to parse that site a bit better since it looks like a geocities/angelfire site.

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